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  • Shenzhen Holly Light Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in LED light source research and development , design , production and sales .
  • The company absorbs a large number of high-quality professional and technical personnel!
  • Joining in and introducing modern and advanced production equipment and testing equipment !
Quality Advantage


  • The whole people implement strict ISO09000 quality management system and strive to make every product a top-quality product !
  • All kinds of LED products developed and manufactured have reached the advanced level of international similar products through CE/ROHS certification technology .
R&D Advantages


  • LED production technology and dust-free anti-static workshop from
    crystallization/welding line/gel/spectrophotometry and packaging/inspection are automated one step in place!
Product Advantage


  • Company Leading Products LED Light Emitting Diode and SMD Patch High Power Light Source Series
    Widely Used Traffic Indicator Light/Traffic Lighting LED Indicator in Advertising Display Screen/
    Mechanical equipment control box/various electronic accessories etc
    Hollywood provides customers with high quality products with strong strength / professional technology / reliable quality
    excellent service .
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LED Bead Application Solution Specialist!

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Advantages of high-power LED lighting
Advantages of high-power LED lighting

High power LED lighting is one of the important to improve luminous flux. It has many advantages, but it also has disadvantages. How to make good use of high-power LED lighting is the key. Compared with other light sources, LED lighting is called "gre... 【See details】


Talk about LED high-power lamp bead design from the point of view of design, talk about LED high-power lamp bead lighting from the point of view of architecture, this may be the Angle that many engineers choose. What if we want to go deeper... 【See details】

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